#AtoZChallenge Day 19: S



“S is for Susan, who perished of fits…”  This is the first one I’ve seen for a while that is physically feasible.  The term “fits” was typically used to refer to a seizure of some kind, usually an epileptic seizure, or sometimes a stroke, or apoplectic fit.  Since generally children don’t have strokes, it’s fairly safe to assume the other type is meant here, unless perhaps it was caused by a severe allergic reaction to something, as Ernest may very well have found out if he hadn’t choked to death first as a result of his airways being closed off.  If the latter is the case, then that makes two allergic reactions so far… I don’t know what the statistical probability of that is, but two out of twenty-six seems a little too coincidental.  Unless they didn’t live anywhere near each other, in which case I’m sure the two cases are completely random, and not suspicious at all…

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