#AtoZChallenge Day 17: Q



“Q is for Quentin, who sank in a mire…”  This lack of parental supervision apparently happened quite a lot back in the old days, with no one thinking a thing of it.  Where were Quentin’s parents?  Were they with him at the time, or was he out traipsing around by himself?  And if they were with him, did they get sucked under too, or was it just him?  Did they try to help him themselves, or did they call for help?  This would have been decades before cell phones, so at least one of them would have had to run into town (possibly literally, if there wasn’t a vehicle handy) to bring back as much help as possible, possibly arriving too late to do the poor boy any good.  If they weren’t with him, then why weren’t they with him, and where did he think he was going by himself, and why did he feel it necessary to take that particular route?  All questions that will be asked at the inquest, I’m sure…

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