#AtoZChallenge Day 13: M



“M is for Maud, who was swept out to sea…”  Again, the parents/governess/nanny/whoever it was who was supposed to be watching her (apparently what she needed was a keeper) did a brilliant job…of buggering it all up.  And this was long before the advent of cell phones and other electronic devices, so what was occupying all of her minder’s attention, so that he or she couldn’t do their job properly?  Were they reading a book and got lost in the pages?  That must have been a really riveting story!  I hope it was worth a child’s life, whatever the distraction was which had them so absorbed… Maybe she was at summer camp, and just like with Jason Voorhees, the camp counselors were more interested in playing Beach Blanket Bingo than in paying attention to their charges, and they didn’t notice where she was until it was too late… If that’s the case, they’d better hope her mother is nothing like Pamela Voorhees, or they’ll all be in trouble!

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4 Responses to #AtoZChallenge Day 13: M

  1. Megan Morgan says:

    Whomever is watching these children is doing a TERRIBLE job!

    26 Things To Hate About Writing: M is for Message

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  2. saracsnider says:

    Being swept out to sea is very dramatic. Maud knew how to make an exit. 😉

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