#AtoZChallenge Day 10: J



“J is for James, who took lye by mistake.”  You’d think the skull and crossbones on the bottle would have given it away… What, did he think that meant it was a pirate drink, so he decided to try it?  And what was it doing in the medicine cabinet, anyway?  Was someone else of equal inattentiveness responsible for placing the bottle there, or were there other reasons for the bottle to be where it was?  In any case, someone should have taught that boy to read warning labels… oh well, too late now… guess they’re going to have to have a closed casket, lye does a gruesome job on one’s insides, and the outside doesn’t look much better…it is an acid, after all…

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5 Responses to #AtoZChallenge Day 10: J

  1. This made me snigger. Yes, lye has no place in medicine cabinets. Find me here. LINK


  2. Poor James. Strange place to keep lye. WeekendsInMaine


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