#AtoZChallenge Day 4: D


“D is for Desmond, thrown out of a sleigh…”  Apparently he got too close to Santa’s ride?  Either that, or 007 has been up to his old tricks again, and either set off one of Q’s gadgets way too early or totally buggered up the machinery in record time, so that it backfired on its creator, and now R is going to have to come in and fix things before Bond accidentally blows up the entire building where MI-6 has its headquarters… oh, wait, someone beat him to it already, and if her car hadn’t been delayed when it was, she’d have blown up with it.  Oh wait, the same sodding git took care of that later on when he shot M on Bond’s ancestral property… never mind, guess we don’t have to worry about M or him anymore, thanks to Bond, who single-handedly avenged his loved ones by taking the git out of the picture.

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4 Responses to #AtoZChallenge Day 4: D

  1. Megan Morgan says:

    LOL poor Desmond. One has to wonder how on earth you get thrown out of a sleigh, though.

    26 Things To Hate About Writing: D is for Dialog

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  2. I know, right? I was wondering that myself.


  3. Mithila Menezes says:

    Maybe Desmond getting thrown out of the sleigh was Santa’s way of finding out whether he was naughty or nice throughout the year? You know, the sleigh could have some magical ‘mind-reading’ properties 😀

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  4. Now there’s an interesting idea! It would have to have *some* magical properties, to be able to get him around the entire world in one night, so why not? 😛


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