I’m funny not worthless #Amwriting

D.E. Haggerty

Although I have categorized my two murder mystery series, The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives and Death by Cupcake, as cozy mysteries, I often tell potential readers that my books are mysteries with a dash of romance and a heaping portion of humor. And that’s the moment I lose a lot of them. I can see it in their eyes, which sometimes even roll as they hear the word ‘humor’ as if adding humor to a novel makes me less of an author or my books less worthy. I’ve published ten books and yet people will turn away from me at a cocktail party to listen to an unpublished author talk about her work because it’s more ‘significant’. Yes, seriously.

hollywoodNot all books are ‘significant’. In fact, the vast majority of books published are meant as entertainment for the masses. Nobel prize winning novels, on the other hand, are rarely best sellers…

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