eBooks Reading Challenge 2017 Book List

Well, so far I’m off to a decent (if somewhat late) start.  I just finished Gunpowder Chowder by Lyndsey Cole early this morning (and by early I mean like around 4 a.m.) after having just started it yesterday afternoon.  Gunpowder Chowder is the first book in the Hooked & Cooked Cozy Mystery Series, and it is an excellent introduction to a townful of lovable and quirky characters.  I can add this book eventually to my Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge book list, but I also have ten themed cozies I have to read to count towards the challenge…well, nine really, because the tenth is “reader’s choice”, as are the next ten books that count toward the challenge.  So this book is definitely going on the “reader’s choice” section of the list.  I can probably even add it to my Foodies Read list, since the main character owns a cafe (as well as a few cabins that she rents out during tourist season).  So that’s three lists I’ve already gotten started with one book.

After finishing the first book in the series, I immediately jumped into the latest book in the series (there are five books so far, and I normally hate jumping from number one to number five, but I don’t have books two through four, nor do I have access to them at this time, and as I won my ebook copy of number five, I would like to read and review it as soon as possible, so the author can have some feedback while the book is still brand new).  I think I’m up to chapter four or five already.  I will definitely be finished with the book later tonight, and then I can post my review of it as well (I’m writing it as I go, since my memory is lousy and I don’t want to forget anything).  Then, on to the next book on my cozies list, actually the first themed book on the list…actually, on looking back over the guidelines for the cozy reading challenge, the first themed book on the list is a culinary cozy, which means anything related to food—restaurants, baked goods, etc., which means that since the main character in this series owns a cafe, I can actually use the first book in the series in this category and cross it off the list already, so yay! 😀

The second category in the cozy reading challenge is anything animal related, and I’ve already got one lined up for that: Bark Once For Murder by Susie Gayle (Pet Shop Cozy Mystery #1).  Since it is also an ebook, I can use it for the eBook Reading Challenge as well. 😀

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