I’m Pretty Sure My Cats Are On Kitty Crack

They run around at 3 a.m. chasing each other up and down the stairs and all around my room, endangering the TV (it’s a flatscreen, but that’s never stopped them) and all my stacks of books (hey, I ran out of shelf space), along with anything else remotely breakable or heavy enough to make a loud noise when it hits ,floor.  They also like to lay on top of my TV (flatscreen, remember?), not caring that not only can’t they fit into that narrow space, that it is in real danger of being knocked over when they jump down (it’s happened several times already and has recently acquired a black streak on part of the screen—I’m not even sure how to remove it, or if it can be removed…I’m actually amazed the thing still works).  Do they care that Grandma can’t afford to go out and buy a new one if they break this one?  Nope.  Do they care that their practicing for the Kitty 500 keeps others in the house awake and gets Grandma in trouble?  Nope.  All they care about is where they’re getting their next fix of kitty crack from.  And I want to know how they’re getting it and who they’re getting it from, because when I find out I’m gonna have a very long talk with their dealer, and they’re going to be cut off real quick.

They’re lucky they’re so cute and Grandma loves them so much…

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