Suburbia Game on Facebook

I’ve never reviewed a game on here before, but after devoting the last four and a half years of my life to this game, I feel compelled to do so now, prompted by another player’s comment on the game’s Facebook page… If you’ve never played Suburbia by MegaZebra, do yourself a favor and don’t!  The game itself is engaging at first (if you like Sims type games, like I do) but they stopped any development on the game whatsoever after finishing Episode 5 of the storyline.  You can continue to build onto your house, assuming you have any room left on your property, and can continue to update your skills and career until you max out (yes, you can change careers after you max out on one and start a new one, but there are only so many skills you can learn and max out on), but after that the only thing you’re really doing is maintaining your property, visiting friends’ properties (and hope they haven’t already given up on the game, because gifts from friends is the only way to get some of the products you need to maintain your own), and accumulating money in the game.  After a while, it gets pretty boring.  I quit playing the game over two years ago, when I finished Episode 5, and only got on the game to check in and send/receive gift requests, and sat back to wait for them to introduce Episode 6.  Over two years later, I’m still waiting, and so is everyone else who invested time (and in some cases, real-life money) into the game.

Recently the geniuses (and I use the term very loosely here) at MegaZebra decided to announce that instead of rewarding our patience by finally introducing Episode 6 and subsequent episodes, or at least Episode 6 and wrapping up the mystery for us, they’ve been using the last two plus years to develop a new game, Suburbia 2, and have decided to introduce all of their long-suffering players to this game instead, and have flat out said that they’re not going to do any more development on the original game.  So if you’ve recently started playing Suburbia 2, good luck to you.  Supposedly they already have six episodes for it (why they couldn’t do that for the original game is beyond me) and are planning even more episodes after those six (don’t hold your breath, you’ll asphyxiate while waiting for them), but don’t count on it.  If you’ve recently started playing the original game….same advice.  There are only five episodes, you can get a good sense of who the culprit is but no real evidence beyond circumstantial to go on, they have no intention of introducing Episode 6, and there is no closure for the mystery which is the whole reason most of us started playing this game in the first place, since at the time it was introduced the Sims game was still on Facebook, so we already had that game if we wanted a simulation game to play.  Now even the Sims is gone from Facebook, another great game that instead of fixing all the bugs in it and continuing the game, they instead chose to end.

My score: 4 out of 5 stars for initial game play and story development, 2 out of 5 stars for continuing game play and story development, and half a star for the company stopping further development on the original game in favor of developing an all-new game that, from what I can tell after reading players’ comments, isn’t worth your time.  My overall grade for this game: D–.  My overall grade for the developers who’ve done nothing but lie to players of the original game for over two years now: F–.

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