Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge 2017

Well, here I go again, signing up for more reading challenges.  You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you?  Apparently not.

This one .really cool—I get to read books with a witch as the main character or that include major witchcraft elements in the books, either fiction or non-fiction, although fiction will be easier for me to get a hold of, especially as I already have so many on my Kindle for PC app on my laptop that I won’t even have to go looking for new ones this year (which of course won’t stop me from doing just that anyway).  Good thing the challenge allows all formats (bound, ebook, audio) since most of the books I own are for my Kindle.  I can even re-read old favorites and use the books from this challenge in my other challenges this year (another good thing, or I’d never catch up at Goodreads, even though my goal this year is only 50 books instead of the 100 I was shooting for last year).

Here’s the link for this challenge: http://melissaseclecticbookshelf.com/2017-witches-witchcraft-reading-challenge-sign-up-post/

Wish me luck (I’m going to need it)!

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