Historical Romance Reading Challenge 2017

This is a new one for me this year.  The idea is to set a goal to work towards based on the number of books you want to read (I know, like usual, right? Wrong!) with the difference being that each goal has a different level title that you earn when you reach it.  For example: If you read 1-5 books, you earn the title Baroness.  If you read 6-15, you earn the title Viscountess, and so on.  Personally, I think I’m going to shoot for Viscountess.  Considering my deplorable reading record for last year (I might have read 10 books all total), I’ll be doing good if I can reach my goal of 50 books for Goodreads this year, and the books I read for this challenge can also be counted toward it, so if I can manage to read 15 books for this challenge, then I’ll only have 35 more to go for my Goodreads challenge.  Wish me luck!

The link for this challenge is: http://www.eyeheartromance.com/historical-romance-reading-challenge-2017/

Since I’m not sure if I’ll be able to successfully post the badge here, at least anyone interested can copy and paste the url and go there on their own.

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