Craving for Cozies Reading Challenge 2017

Maybe one of these days I’ll learn and quit signing up for every reading challenge I hear about at the beginning of the year…yeah, probably not.  I found this one at Escape with Dollycas, a really great book blog by Lori.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should, and sign up for this challenge while you’re at it.  Or just go here:

This one has several different levels you can go for.  I might just try for Yearning, which is 21-40 books.  If I can manage it, I’d really like to try for Starving level, which is 41-60 books.  Since crossovers are allowed (yay!), and I’m already doing another cozy challenge, I can use the same books for that challenge, as well as the cat mysteries challenge, for this one.  If I manage to pull this one off, I’ll have at the very least come close to meeting my Goodreads goal of 50, if not have surpassed it by the time I’m done, so yay again!

Here’s the post at Lori’s site that tells you all about this challenge:

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