Reading Goals For 2017

Okay, so I admit it.  I failed last year’s reading goal miserably.  I don’t care what Goodreads kept trying to tell me, it just wasn’t true.  Every time I added another title to my “Want to Read” list, Goodreads tried to say that I had read it and added it to my Reading Challenge list, so I would have to go into said list and remove the title because I hadn’t actually read it yet so unless I did, it didn’t belong on that list.

This year I decided to cut my reading goal from last year in half, so when I signed up for this year’s Reading Challenge on Goodreads, I said that I wanted to read 50 titles this year (last year I said 100).  This way if I actually manage to reach my goal, I will be happy, and if I manage to surpass my goal, I will be ecstatic.  If I don’t make my goal, then at least I won’t feel as bad as I did a few months ago when I realized I was going to get nowhere near 100 books read.  But also last year I didn’t even find out about the Reading Challenge until almost halfway through the year, so there’s that…and this year I’m setting my goal of 50 books the very first week of the year, so hopefully I’ll be able to read at least half of that before the end of the year, if not all of them.

Wish me luck!

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